That’s it. I’ve made the leap into the modern world. Not satisfied with having just spent an inordinate length of time trying to cobble together a website, I’ve also taken the plunge and started a blog. So, from now on, every time I drive some derelict old car to an unlikely spot on the Earth’s surface, my journey will be punctuated with posts on the interweb describing our misadventures. And every time I get back from a trip, I’ll spend hours sat in front of my computer trying to liberally cover my website with photos and videos from the trip.

Trips. What are these trips which are about to be unleashed upon the interweb? Well, I have a habit of driving to far-flung places in unlikely vehicles. Over the past few years, I’ve completed a fair few trips, including driving 10,000 miles from England to Mongolia in an old Mini, 13,500 miles from the UK to South Africa in an old Porsche, puttering across the Subcontinent in an Auto-rickshaw, and exploring the Arctic winter in a tiny, unreliable Fiat.

Over time, I hope my website and blog posts will grow into a resource which will enable other people to understand what’s involved in traversing the globe in an unlikely vehicle, and – if suitably inspired – help folk plan their own adventures. That time is a little way off at the moment, but I’ve currently got trip reports and information on seven different trips posted up for perusal.

So, what’s coming up in the near future?

Well, there are two trips on the horizon. Firstly, later in the month myself and a couple of friends are jumping in a 20 year old Jag and heading to Estonia, where we’re hoping to drive it across the frozen sea ice which forms between the Estonian mainland and some offshore islands.

And secondly – 2012’s main event, and the followup to the epic African Porsche Expedition. V8Nam. England to Vietnam in a V8. 12,000 miles, 20 countries, and a whole lot of bad roads and red tape. We’re leaving in August, and planning is well underway, with predictibly unsuitable steeds due to be brought in the spring.

And you can follow both trips on here.


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