A strange way to start…

Well, our £900 Jaguar left the UK for Estonia a few days ago, with Tom and Laura at the helm.  The plan is still to drive across Europe to Estonia, where we hope to drive across the frozen Baltic Sea from the mainland to the island of Vormsi and back, before getting the ferry to Helsinki and returning to the UK via Scandinavia.  The latest rumours are that Tom and Laura have reached Berlin, fitted winter tyres, and are pushing on through frigid temperatures towards Poland this afternoon, flying the union jack all the way.

And I’m still in England.

Thanks to work, I’ll be flying out to join the trip in a couple of days, and to be honest, it feels a little strange.  I’ve never sat on the sidelines before suddenly jumping into the middle of a road trip in this manner before, having previously always being there from the start to the bitter end, coaxing along our generally faltering steed and living the journey.  So it’s a tad disconcerting that Tom and Laura are currently soldiering on across Europe, while I sit here having waved them off a few days ago, like some old general, almost powerless to influence their own grand plan once it’s set in motion.

But needs must, and V8Nam – the years main event – needs to be paid for somehow, so work it is; for a few more days at least, before the the Baltic ice roads of Estonia beckon.

I can’t wait…


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