Reflections on the ice

The Jag and it’s indefatigable occupants arrived back from their lap of the Baltic Sea a few days ago.  Predictibly, the car remained completely unflustered and reliable to the last, and hence this is the first adventurous road trip I’ve ever completed without actually breaking down – somewhat ironic given the name of this blog I’ve recently started.  Still, I suppose the lack of any breakdowns is nicely offset by the fact we broke through the Ice on one of the ice roads and nearly ended up on the bottom of the Baltic.

Here’s a route map and some dull statistics from the trip:

Our journey covered 4,950 miles in 14 days, an average of 350 miiles a day.  The total fuel bill came to £1,182, which works out at 24p per mile, with the car’s trip computer reckoning we averaged 22MPG.  We visited 11 countries, caught 4 ferries, got 4 parking tickets, and drove about 20 miles of frozen sea ice.  Fascinating!

I’ll put together a full trip report over at in a few days, and leave you with a pretty picture of the Jag in its natural habitat…

Our trusty Jaguar XJ6 after it's near sinking on a Finnish Ice Road.


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