The next adventure…

Well, the Jag was sold on Ebay at the start of the month, and it was a sad day indeed when it’s new owner came to collect it and drive it away to begin a new life in Essex.  It had been reliable to the last, and sold at auction for only £130 less than we’d paid for it – a small price to pay for 5,000 miles of memorable motoring.

And so, as the curtain came down on our Baltic road trip, thoughts turned seriously to the planned trip to Morocco in June.  As usual, during the initial stages of putting a trip together the point which generates the most discussion is what car to take.  Our initial preference for a Left Hand Drive Mercedes withered as we realised how tricky it is tracking one down in the UK.  Mazda MX-5s were considered, as were 2CVs and Ford Capris.  Speculative bids were even placed on V12 Jaguars, and Jaguar XJRs.  However somehow, none of these options seemed quite right for crossing the Atlas Mountains and exploring the fringes of the Sahara beyond.  And then, at about 10pm yesterday evening, a winning candidate was spotted on Ebay, a bid was placed, and the auction was won, meaning that in the first two weeks of June, we will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee by attempting to drive up a Saharan sand dune in this:


It’s a 1975 Rover P6, with a 3.5l V8 engine, and auto box.  It’s very quirky, very brown and very ’70s, and should look fantastic roaming the wilds of North Africa.  Apparently it’s reasonably solid and a good runner, and I’ll be collecting it from London in a few days and bringing it back to the South West, where we’ll have five weeks to turn it into something halfway between a Land Rover and a beach buggy, by jacking it up, fitting underbody protection, roof rack, roof tent, and some cool stickers.

That’s assuming it doesn’t break down before it gets to the South West, anyway.  Watch this space…


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