Looking the part…

I’ve always liked the look of 1970s rally cars.  The innocent, slightly angular bodywork, the excess of spotlights, the simple adverts on their side, and the fact that due to generally being rear wheel drive, they seem to go everywhere completely sideways.  Best looking of all in my opinion were the endurance rally cars; vehicles like this, which combined the high performance focus of the traditional rally car with the toughness of a Land Rover, and generally sported bull bars, roof racks and suchlike for their globe trotting competitions.

As a result of this fondness, when I took ownership of the old Rover, I immediately thought it would be fun to ape the classic endurance rally car look with it; hence I’ve fitted the roofrack and spotlights from my old Mini, and this morning the postman delivered a bumper parcel of retro stickers.  I may have gone slightly over the top with the look, but still, I like it, and it should really look the part fighting it’s way through the sand in North Africa next month!




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