Thoughts of failure.

Four hours to go until our ferry sets sail for Spain.  The bare essentials of preparation are almost done, and we’re just watching the clock tick down before we head to the ferryport.

It’s at times like this – the lull before the storm – that thoughts of failure tend to drift through my mind.  Over the past five years, I’ve set off towards distant goals in unreliable cars on at least a dozen occasions, and somehow luck has been on my side every time; however one day for sure that luck will run out and the car will break down permanently. This thought crosses my mind before every road trip, but has yet to be realized; however one of these days, for sure, it will.

If we fail this time I’ll have nobody to blame but myself.  Because of the amount of work I’ve been putting into getting ‘Survival of the Quickest’ – the book about the African Porsche Expedition – ready for its launch in four weeks, free time to work on the Rover has been limited.  We’ve done pretty much the bare minimum to get it ready, but many of the things we’d planned, such as fitting underbody protection, wiring up additional spotlights, changing the oil and giving the car a decent test run have gone undone.  We’ll be fitting the rear seatbelts at the ferryport, and the drive through Spain will be the car’s first proper run since I drove it back from London on two cylinders a month ago.

Tomorrow evening, following a 24 hour ferry trip across the Bay of Biscay and hopefully, several hundred miles of Spanish tarmac, we’ll have a better idea as to whether we’ve done enough.  Until then, all we can do is cross our fingers.  Hopefully, my next blog update will be a positive one…


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