All quiet on the adventure front… for now, anyway.

I’ve just noticed that it’s gone rather quiet on here for the past few months.  I have several excuses for this, but the main reason is that rather than planning and undertaking marvellous adventures and feats of daring-do, I seem to have spent much of this rainy summer finishing off the kindle and paperback versions of ‘Survival of the Quickest’ and making the world aware of its existence.  This ongoing march of what feels like self-promotion doesn’t come very easily to me, but is rather vital if my efforts to write the book aren’t to be wasted – and I’m beginning to feel like they haven’t been; not because my bank account has suddenly began to bulge (which it hasn’t, remotely) but thanks to the people who’ve taken the time to get in touch having read the book, and say they enjoyed it.

In one last bit of self promotion before moving on to more interesting subjects, I feel I should point out that ‘Survival of the Quickest’, is available in paperback and Kindle versions around the world via Amazon, you can read the Daily Telegraph’s coverage of the trip here and here, there’s a nice little summary of the trip here… Finally, the book now has its own facebook page, which I feel it’s important that you ‘like’, here.

Right.  Less literature, more preposterous road trips.  The loose ends from the Morocco trip are now nearly tied up, with the Rover booked in for its MOT test on Monday, prior to being put on eBay.   This is all happening a bit later than I’d hoped, as my general incompetence meant I managed to make a simple post-trip oil change take five weeks rather than one hour (drained oil and removed filter, found new filter wouldn’t fit, got one that would fit a week later, topped up oil, found oil pump needed priming, removed distributor and made tool to do so, lost bolt to clamp down distributor, spent 2 weeks searching gravel drive for said bolt, gave up & got new one, reset ignition timing, engine works… phew!).  So anyway, shortly the big Rover will be gone, and a space on the drive will be freed up for the next road trip vehicle.

The next trip is going to be another biggie – England to Vietnam in a V8 powered car.  We’re off in April 2013, so I could do with getting a car for the trip in the next month or so.  I’ve got a few ideas about what vehicle I want to take, but I won’t spoil the surprise just yet – basically, watch this space!


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