V8Nam – the search ends…

So, I didn’t buy the Mercedes SL.  I knew I was after something a bit more quirky and unusual in which to drive from the UK to Vietnam and lots more scouring of the classifieds whittled my shortlist down to either a TVR or something big-engined and American.  The problem was that I live in the deepest, darkest South West of the UK, and rare cars like these hardly ever come up for sale locally.  For most of my car-hunt, it’s seemed that every car I’m interested in has been at least 150 miles away.

However, this all changed on Wednesday, when I was making my daily scan of Ebay.  In desperation, I was all set to arrange a viewing of a rather untastefully modified TVR Chimaera in Dorchester, when I stumbled upon a red Corvette C4 for sale a mere 30 miles from my home.  The pictures piqued my interest, the fact it had a tuned-up 5.7l V8 engine certainly added to the appeal, and a quick call to the seller meant a viewing was arranged for Thursday morning.


First impressions of the corvette were that it was quite big and brash by British standards – and quite some car for the asking price.  Its kitsch red leather interior is one of the most polarising things I’ve ever seen, while it’s exhaust note is simply ground-shaking   A quick test drive added to the car’s aura of brash excess – from behind the wheel, it feels very wide, the suspension is disdainfully stiff and the exhaust certainly doesn’t get any quieter.

The previous owner – Karl – was keen to sell to finance a new boat and the price was right, so without really thinking about it, I rather suddenly found myself to be the proud owner of a Chevrolet Corvette.  This meant I also found myself rather suddenly wondering what the hell I’d just bought, as really, I have no idea.  When I figure out the answer to that little question, I’ll let you know…


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