Counting down to V8Nam…

A quick progress update.  Since it’s arrival at V8Nam HQ, the Rolls Royce has been somewhat temperamental, and given the complex nature of the beast, the root causes of it’s problems have remained well hidden beneath layers of 1970’s complexity.  This was until Brummy took it up to Specialist Cars (South West) Ltd, a Rolls Royce and Bentley specialist just outside Exeter, for a thorough going over.  Yesterday we nervously took the Corvette up to the garage to chat about its foibles.


Initial signs weren’t too promising – the garage had found a whole host of issues.  One of the Carburettors was ropey, the fuel pump was only giving 1/3rd of its design flow, the rear suspension was somewhat creaky, the heater control module was broken, the brakes were binding, two exhaust manifold gaskets were leaking, the brake accumulators were dodgy, and the car had accumulated a fine collection of rust over the years.

However over a cup of coffee, we chatted these problems through with the garage owner and came to the conclusion that the only real issues which would actually prevent the old Rolls making it the 10,000 miles to Vietnam were the carburettor and some of the brake issues, which came as a great relief.  Specialist Cars LTD are currently carrying out the work and hopefully soon, the Rolls Royce should be back with us and running well for the first time in almost three months.

So that was yesterday.  Moving on to today, and a sunny Sunday at V8Nam HQ can only mean one thing – I’ve been spending my hours under the bonnet of the Corvette preparing it for the trip.  The current ‘to do’ list includes coaxing the cooling fans back into life, fitting the new brake booster and master cylinder which recently arrived from the States, and giving the beast a pre-road trip service.  Despite this list, however, the Corvette has been proving a fantastic purchase, and has done nearly 3,000 miles since I found it on Ebay.  While it’s certainly louder than we’d like, its comfort and dependability means I’m positively looking forward to 10,000 miles in its company, and I won’t have to wait long – only 6 weeks to go now!

Preparing the Vette...


One thought on “Counting down to V8Nam…

  1. Bloody good luck you pair of crazy mothers, I work in Azerbaijan and can say for sure NO RHD cars alowed, I move to Kazakhstan on the 1st of March and believe the roads to be a bit hairy and the locals not so friendly due to the ongoing politics but should not present you with a problem.

    Good Luck.

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