That feeling of being watched…

Tuesday an unusual day.  The alarm fired up at 04:45, and the TVR wasn’t far behind it.  Destination Dartmoor, and a rendez-vous with the good folk of Vertical Horizons Media, who are partnering the forthcoming Pub2Pub expedition by providing top-end aerial footage for the expedition.  Several hours of driving on deserted tarmac while being stalked by 7 kilos of whirring airborne high-tech later, and the footage was in the bag.  Here’s a few stills from the shoot, while the video itself can be seen here – enjoy!  We’re looking forward to carrying out some similar shoots in more exotic locations once the expedition is underway…

11885324_10153548234624770_2591424206471364867_n 11905772_10153548234509770_4087661235699239022_n

11895155_10155978092820451_5315783943692548576_oRemember to keep track of all the latest Pub2Pub developments by liking the expedition Facebook page, found here:


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