Past Breakdowns

And here are a few breakdowns which happened earlier:

V8Nam – 14,000 miles from England to Singapore, via Vietnam.  In a Chevrolet Corvette.  And a Rolls Royce.

Total breakdowns in 14,000 miles: 11, or one every 1,250 miles. Trip report imminent…


The Marrakesh Express – a 2 week trip from the UK to Morocco and back in a 1975 Rover P6, to explore the High Atlas Mountains and visit Fes, Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Total breakdowns in 2,800 miles: 4, or one every 700 miles… Trip Report


The Baltic Ice Road expedition – A tour of the Ice roads on the Baltic Sea in a Jaguar XJ6.

No breakdowns on this trip!  Though we did nearly break through the Baltic sea ice and sink to the bottom of the sea…  Trip Report


The African Porsche Expedition – England to South Africa in a Porsche 944

Total Breakdowns in 13,500 miles: 27, or one breakdown every 500 miles.  Trip Report.


The Italian Job – to Turin and around Europe in a 1974 Austin Mini

Total Breakdowns in 4,500 miles: 15, or one breakdown every 300 miles.  Trip Report.


Hell freezes over – Norway’s Arctic Highway in Winter, in a Fiat 126

Total breakdowns in 4,000 miles = 10, or one breakdown every 400 miles.  Trip report.


The Mongol Rally – England to Mongolia in a pair of Minis

Total Breakdowns in 10,000 miles = 13, or one breakdown every 770 miles. Trip report.


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