The Book…

Survival of the Quickest – Across Africa.  In a Porsche.

January 2009

As the Airbus touched down on the soaking runway at Heathrow, I looked out the window and tried to remember the life in England which I’d put on hold three months before.  My last sighting of the UK had been watching the White Cliffs of Dover slowly merging into the darkness as the ferry churned its way to Calais, my elderly Porsche 944 tucked away on the car deck and my mind uncomprehending of what lay ahead.  The Porsche was gone now, battered beyond its limits by 15,000 miles across 26 countries and sold for a pittance in southern Africa.  As I passed through Heathrow and boarded the bus home, I thought I had just completed the biggest challenge of my life.  Little did I realise, I wasn’t even halfway there yet.

A few days later, I committed to living the trip again by writing a book about it.  Our journey had been so eventful, so emotional and in places, so unbelievable, that to not record our experiences would have been a great loss.  And so I began what turned out to be an even bigger undertaking than coaxing the Porsche across Africa.  For several years I relived every day of the trip in the most minute detail, recalling every aspect of the African Porsche Expedition and getting it down on paper.  I learnt African history and current affairs to a level I’d never come close to before, refined my writing style to as close to perfection as I could manage and equaled the Porsche’s fuel consumption with my own coffee intake.  And after somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 hours of effort, eight drafts, half a dozen proofreaders and many hours spent discussing the merits of the Oxford comma, I finally reached the end of the road.

Survival of the Quickest – Across Africa.  In a Porsche. is now available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.  If you’d like to find out just what can be achieved with a tough old car and a bit of determination, I’d heartily recommend it – not that I’m biased of course…

To get your copy via, click here; for, click here


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